Friday, September 23, 2016

1st Trimester and Diabetes

I found out that I was pregnant on January 16th. I couldn't believe it! We had just got permission to begin trying again and thought we would have a while until anything actually happened. Then BOOM! Just like that we were pregnant. 

I started researching what to do and realized there really isn't a ton of information out there for Type 1  diabetics about pregnancy. So, I went with the basics, eat right, get my blood sugars under control and begin making all of my appointments for my pregnancy. Appointments you ask, yes, appointments. I called my endo and they began making appointments for me for every 2 weeks until my due date. When I went to my OB they did the same thing. I immediately saw dollar signs flying away, but was thankful that we have good health insurance to help us out during this pregnancy. 

Once my appointments were made, I started looking for books about a healthy diet for pregnancy. I found a book at the library called What to Eat when you're Pregnant. Which was a week by week guide to help you know what things to grab and why. I was hooked, I love knowing why we should eat certain things and what it does for our bodies. It also helped me learn how to eat while pregnant with T1D. I started to eat according to the book and came across something that I didn't expect to, low blood sugars on a daily basis, and not even low blood sugars in the 50's and 60's but low blood sugars in the 30's and 40's. 

Did I mention that the lows were worrisome for me as well because all I was craving was carbs. I couldn't even handle looking at meat without wanting to vomit. The hubs and I had a business trip down south and while he went to work I went to Disneyland specifically for cotton candy, begnies, and a cheese flatbread. Yes, I was eating the things my book told me to eat, but I definitely was throwing in way more carbs than I usually did. I thought hey, I'm eating for two now lets load up. especially because I was losing some weight rather than putting it on. 

At my next appointment I talked with my doctor about it. We instantly began making adjustments to my basals right away. She mentioned that the lows worried her because there isn't a lot out there to show what low blood sugars do to babies in utero and so we wanted to make sure that those were taken care of before we started worrying about the high blood sugars that were going to come. We dropped my basal rates and paid attention to trends with my Dexcom. 

What I learned in the first trimester was I was a high risk pregnancy, I needed to keep watching my blood sugars closely, and eating what I wanted was a thing of the past. Be sure to check out my next post about my second trimester. 

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