Sleep is something that I love. It's vital to so many different things like, blood sugars, weight management, verbal filters, you name it and I am sure there is an article out there talking about how sleep affects whatever that is. Since becoming a mom (even during pregnancy) sleep has become a thing of the past. No matter how much sleep I am getting I feel like I am running on empty by the end of every day. What has been the most interesting about this, is how my blood sugars have been affected.

Middle of the Night Lows
For some off reason I will wake up in the middle of the night and be wide awake for no apparent reason. Then, one night I decided "hey, since I am up might as well check my numbers".  I know this should always be the first thing to pop into my mind basically anytime, but it's just never been the go to for me. It always seems to take me a few times for something happening to think maybe it's diabetes related. I grabbed my meter and checked my numbers, and the number 43 flashes on the screen. I have gone low so many times since becoming a mother that my body hasn't been signaling to me that I am low other than waking me up and getting me interested in whatever Mythbusters are doing in the middle of the night. I guess this one is more how diabetes is affecting my sleep.

Insane Highs
If only this was as cool as it sounded. Unfortunately, with being so tired my diabetes care has completely gone out the window. Not by choice by any means, It's just some days I think I bolused for what I ate for lunch and then when I see that 400 or 500 on the screen realized I didn't. Or that somedays I try so hard to eat anything I can grab quickly that I just start to shove things in my mouth to get some form of nutrition in my body and then later see the repercussions. Now, seeing the word HI on my meter has become a normal thing sadly.

Weight Management
Now this and Insane Highs can go hand in hand. For some reason on the days that I am exhausted all health foods go out the window. I will look in my refrigerator and see an apple or everything to make a quesadilla, of course the quesadilla wins hands down every time. I started to track everything I eat and realized that on days that I am tired I eat way more calories and way more crap food. Days that I have the mental capacity to think about the things I am eating tend to go over better and my scale isn't crying under the weight of me.

Verbal Filters
What do I mean by verbal filters? Well, most people tend to have a filter before they speak, I sometimes have a great filter and other times things slip out. Overall I think I have decent control of it, but catch me on a day when my kid won't nap and I am running on fumes and you will definitely understand what I mean by this. My hubs notices that I am not very nice because I just say it exactly how I want to say it. I find myself yelling at the cars around me to get the F*** out of my way. Or I just begin to talk to myself about nonsense in the grocery store and hope people think I am talking to little man. I guess this should be named Crazy Lady instead of Verbal Filters, but without sleep, I just don't care to take the time to think before I speak or don't realize that I have just said something until a minute or two after the words have left my mouth. And then all I can think about is Eff, I am supposed to be an example.

I love to sleep. I need to sleep because it affects so much of my daily life, how I mother, how nice I am to the hubs, how much I care about others around me, oh, and the most important reason I wrote this post my blood sugars. So if you are diabetic and lacking in sleep pay attention to what that is doing to your diabetes management. You might find it's the key to a current trend in your blood sugars.


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