Local Betes: Justin

This is Justin I met him through a couple of other diabetics here in Fresno. I asked him to share his story and here it is.

Tell me your story, when were you diagnosed?

I was diagnosed when I was 11. I was losing weight, always thirsty, constantly peeing, and wetting the bed multiple times a night. Finally I came out of the shower and my mom saw me with my shirt off and she took me to the doctor the next day.

I've never had to be hospitalized or anything for my diabetes. I was on shots the first year then moved to the pump and that worked out great, but soon after something changed in the set I used and I started getting different infections in my set location. I opted to move back to the shots. I made the transition about a year ago. I use the pump as a calculator and decide how much fast acting insulin to use, and a 48 unit dose of Lantus which is the long acting insulin once a night. 
Why do you no longer use your pump?

While I was on the pump it was mainly when I was in high school and my first year of college. I played volleyball and it was great to be on the pump while on trips to games and whatnot, but as I went to college and played for Fresno State I started to have faulty sites. It became a hassle when I had to change a set three times just to get one to work. So that was pretty annoying, but the move to shots has helped and brought my A1C down. 

Since I stopped playing volleyball, I have moved to coaching the sport! One of my players was diagnosed with diabetes mid-season so that was cool to see him learn and ask him questions and be an example, or at least try to be. 

What is your biggest struggle with diabetes?

My biggest struggle is checking before meals. I will give myself a shot for what I ate, but I wont know what my blood sugar is. I also tend to eat when I’m bored, I'll shoot up and still have high blood sugars because I ate more than I thought I was originally going to. That’s probably my biggest weakness. 

Any concluding thoughts? Pet peeves?

It’s hard but it is what it is. I hate how people ask why I’m not fat when I have diabetes. Call me small-minded, but I think Type 2 diabetes should have a different name. Diabetes is popular because of Type 2. I’m tired of explaining the differences. That’s my only Pet peeve.


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