The Costs of Diabetes

I am sure most of you read this title and think oh this poor girl, did she lose a toe, begin having diabetes complications. No, when I say costs of diabetes I literally mean the amount of money it takes to take care of my diabetes. It is insane! The only time I honestly get pissed off at my diabetes is when I go to the pharmacy for my prescriptions.

Before I got married I had my parents insurance. It was pretty much $25 for my prescription, maybe $30. Now that I am married I have my husband insurance, which in my opinion is way better coverage. I mean we have a low deductible that takes only two doctors visits to meet, and we are covered at 90% after that. It's a great plan and hey, in this economy I am beyond thankful to even have health insurance. But when a prescription costs double the amount I used to pay I get a little cranky and want to punch my pancreas in the face (not that it would matter because it doesn't work anyways). 

I wish that insurance companies would give diabetics a break. I mean they definitely have some great offers for people with diabetes, but unless your company pays for those incentives your pretty much out of luck. The thing is, diabetes is everywhere these days, its the new happening disease. Yet, in most work places it's rare you will find an insulin dependent diabetic, so of course a company would think something like that would not be beneficial. I understand completely, but can I still complain?

I know this is me ranting and not really a helpful insight into the world of diabetes. But it is an issue. A frustrating issue at that. If it's frustrating for people with insurance, I cannot imagine what it must be like for people without.


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