Famous Friday: Bret Michaels

Well last week I wasn’t feeling any of our type 1 celebrities, not that any of them are not spectacular, I just wasn’t in the mood to learn about any of them. This week however, I was watching a PetSmart commercial and Brett Michaels showed up. He has a new line for dogs clothing, so that all dogs can look as cool as he does. Well if you didn’t happen to catch on to that Brett Michaels is this weeks celebrity with Type 1 diabetes. Some of you know him as the lead singer of the band Poison, other know him from the reality TV show Rock of Love, and most of you know him as this seasons Celebrity Apprentice winner, oh and did I mention he has diabetes.

Brett Michaels was diagnosed at the age of six and has since then taken control of his disease with eating right, exercising, and checking his blood sugars as often as eight times a day. When he is on tour he and his bandmates have worked out a system for when he gets low blood sugars on stage. Usually, someone will throw in a long instrumental solo so that he has a chance to run off the stage check his sugars and drink a glass of juice. He also has an exercise bike on his tour bus for days when he cannot make it to the gym to keep his sugars under control.

Michaels also has come up with a few unique ways to help raise money to find a cure for diabetes. If you are a fan of the bandanas he wears and would like a bandana of your own you can purchase one at bandanawarehouse.com and the net proceeds will go to the American Diabetes Association to help find a cure. He also has donated his winnings from Celebrity Apprentice to the American Diabetes Association to help fund diabetes camps for kids with diabetes.

We may see just another reality star when it comes to Brett Michaels, but without his reality stints people out in the world wouldn’t get another view in the life of a Type 1 diabetic.  


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