An Evening With Some Fresno Betes

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, they told me to get involved in a support group. At the time, I thought they were crazy, I mean it's just diabetes, not a life or death thing....wink wink. But in all honesty, I didn't think I needed a support group. Years later I get hired at my new job and there is this girl inviting me to her diabetes group. In my mind I was thinking, not going to happen, but now that I have this blog my interest peeked. I gave in after working there for 4 months and met up with a few of Fresno's local betes.

It was totally worth it. Who knew just talking about diabetes would invigorate me! I mean, I am sure the americano sifting through my system was helping, but honestly it was so nice to go how do you handle this, why does our body do that? One of the people in the group has a lot of information on the physiology part of diabetes, which is great and helps us learn more about why our body does certain things, and why it is important to do certain things at certain times. It also is nice to hear that people are struggling with your same struggles. I don't know how many of you know this, but sometimes having Type 1 diabetes can get lonely. There are not enough of us out there, we only count for 10% of the diabetes population after all.

They were a great group to meet with. I learned a few of us have the same doctor, and feel the same way about other doctors in town. I have to admit now, I am definitely an advocate to having a support group if you are diabetic (any type) you need someone to share things with, discuss issues with, and lastly to hold you accountable with taking care of yourself. Yes, we all have loved ones who support us the best they can, but unless they have type 1 diabetes themselves, they just can't satisfy that insatiable thirst of understanding. So, if you have diabetes and are feeling a little lonely try and reach out into your community and find a group of people (who you enjoy) and share as much as you can. You won't believe what it can do for you until you give it try! Thank you, Fresno betes!


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