Diabetes Technology: Medtronic's MySentry

Diabetes Technology is insane. It's always booming. You always wonder what they are going to come out with next and then, BAM they blow your mind again. Medtronic has now come out with MySentry. This new diabetic toy is great for parents with diabetic children. This is a sleek looking unit that you can have sitting on your bedside table to monitor your child’s blood sugars while they are sleeping.

MySentry comes with a monitor, power supply, and an outlet until transmitter. The transmitter will read your child’s blood glucose level from the continuous glucose monitor if it is within 6ft. The transmitter communicates with the monitor up to 50ft away. Your child’s blood sugar numbers will display on the color screen on the monitor and let you know with an alarm if your child is with in range or not. It even gives you a 30-minute warning of dropping or raising blood sugars, so that you can take care of an issue before it becomes an even bigger issue. The monitor also shows a graph of your child’s blood sugars throughout the night so you can catch any trends that may indicate a need to change their basal rate.

The monitor also has a quick view status bar that shows you how many units of insulin your child has left, their battery life on their insulin pump, when the next calibration is and when their sensor needs to be changed. Each item is shown in either green, meaning good, yellow, meaning something needs to be done soon, or red, something needs to be replaced immediately.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but with this kind of technology I cannot even imagine where we will be in the next 10-20 years. Who knows maybe they will have a pump that does it all for you, and diabetics will be able to live even longer and healthier lives. It just excites me. 


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