Famous Friday: Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis, actor, comedian, director, writer, singers, producer, and type 1 diabetic. His parents were both in show business leading him into the field. He dropped out of school to travel and came across Dean Martin when one of his acts dropped out last minute. The two became instantly famous with slapstick act. They went on to doing movies together. With his success with Dean Martin he was able to restart his solo career going to on to directing and more. He received many awards over the years. Having diabetes without all of today's technologies didn’t keep him away from a successful career and life.


  1. Jerry Lewis is T1? Do you have any idea when he was diagnosed?

  2. HI Jeff,

    You know, I couldn't tell you when exactly, I had a hard time getting that information myself, I think it was later in his life, but according to dlife he had type 1.


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