Famous Friday: Elliott Yamin

Elliott Yamin is this week celebrity diabetic. He went from being diagnosed at the age of sixteen to one of the final three contestants on American Idol. His diabetes obsessions? He keeps 12 blood checkers in his home that way he has no excuse not to check his blood sugars. When on stage performing he keeps a glass of juice nearby just in case and tries to keep his blood sugars level in order while on the road. American Idol put another diabetic in the spotlight and I think it’s fantastic!


  1. Yay, for the recognition! Elliott's made many appearances to raise awareness and money for Diabetes research/causes.

    I've followed Elliott since his AI days. (Was it really 6 seasons ago? lol) His 3 cd's and 2 Christmas cd's are all in my collection.

    His voice is still great and his stage presence has grown so confident. Thx again for remembering one of my favorite singers. Just a fan....


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