Kicking Diabetes In The Face!

There are times when my blood sugars are consistently good; and I have to pause and think, “is my blood checker going bad”? “This can’t be right”, but then my blood checker turns out to be working and it is the best feeling in the entire world. It is in moments like these that I want to go running into my doctors office, open the doors in the most dramatic way possible and scream on the top of my lungs “check my A1c it’s going to be fantastic!” Then the entire room would break out in a song and dance number about how great it is when your blood sugars are awesome!! Um…ok, that might be a it too much, but let’s face it maybe the world wouldn’t be so angry if it threw a dance number and song in the mix every now and then.

But back to all seriousness, my numbers are actually doing quite well and I have been trying to think of what I have changed most recently that might be the largest contributing factor. Well, don’t be disappointed by what I learned, no I didn’t find a miracle diet or elixir, but I did find the easiest fix of all, you know those things your doctors have been telling you to do for years, well they work! I finally have made a mental note to give myself insulin at least 15 minutes before that first bite. I have always been great at doing that in the morning, but as the day goes on, not so much. I seem to be too busy or too hungry to pause and take a breather before I sit down for a meal. It’s more about me feeling like the cookie monster and having the need to put food in my mouth as soon as I see food (I am a bit food obsessed). So, to change this horrible habit, I have been paying attention to when I know I will be eating and checking my blood sugar 15 min beforehand and giving myself insulin for the meal I plan to shove in my face. Oh, you know, just the diabetes basics.

I recently was just on a trip to Palm Springs to celebrate a dear friend who is getting married. And even with every moment pretty much being impromptu, I remembered to check, give insulin, and wait. It’s the most annoying, but hey, if it’s going to keep my eyes and limbs intact I’ll do it. When we went out on the town, I paid attention to every single detail so that my blood sugars would be under total and complete control, I pretty much became obsessed with my diabetes, I guess it’s a good trade off, you know your life or your diabetes. I didn’t want to leave my friends with the responsibility of my diabetes; I wanted to just enjoy myself. And I did! Not once did my diabetes affect the night. If anything I felt almost completely normal, just hanging out with my besties.

Here is a little secret, if you don’t tell yourself “it’s going to be annoying to cater to your diabetes” IT’S NOT GOING TO BE ANNOYING TO CATER TO YOUR DIABETES!!! Oh, so sorry, I let my emotions get the best of me. Look, I know diabetes can sometimes be the most annoying thing on the planet, but so would any of the complications that may happen because you were too tired to take care of yourself. It literally takes two seconds (ok 15 minutes) of care to prevent a lifetime of complications. I am currently kicking diabetes butt, what’s stopping you??


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