What Would You Do if They Cured Diabetes?

My husband and I were driving around town the other day when the topic of diabetes technology came up. We were both discussing how amazed we are with diabetes technology and how I cannot wait for them to have a pump that works exactly like a pancreas. Then my husband stopped me and asked “What would you do if they cured diabetes”? I was speechless, I think all the time about the technology increasing to control diabetes, but I have never considered the day they found a cure. I asked a few people on TuDiabetes what they would do if diabetes was cured and really enjoyed the feedback I got. Here is what some people had to say.

In order:
Quit my job (no longer have a pre-existing condition so I no longer need the company insurance) and start my own company.
Eat a bagel with cream cheese and not feel guilty. Maybe even two bagels. Wow. Other folks think that "cake" is cheating but I'd love to eat a bagel again without messing up my bg.
I would still wake up every morning with my first thought "what's my bg" for the rest of my life!”

Go on a trip with all the money I saved.”

Go scuba diving, hike without a backpack, go dancing/eating/drinking all night long, sleep naked without worrying about getting tangled, let go of my fears, give my skin time to heal, throw away all my needles, test strips, canulas, tubing... feel free!
Oh and tell all my family and friends to bugger off when I stuff more than one s'more in my mouth ;)”

“I will also buy five containers of Liquid Paper so I could erase all the damn carb counts cluttering up my cookbooks!”

“I think I would cry. Then after two seconds of doing that I would jump for joy. I don’t really think about a cure but I hope and pray that my children don’t develop this. I would of course eat an astounding amount of bread without worry. It would be lovely to go for a walk without having to worry about hypos too.”

“I would also throw a huge party. And I would make plans to travel and put normal stuff in my carry on :)”

I absolutely loved reading all of these. After reading all of these I realized, I probably wouldn’t change much with my eating habits, but I would feel a lot more at ease when going anywhere. I wouldn’t need to carry a bigger purse to carry all of my diabetes supplies, I wouldn’t have to figure out where the nearest Rite Aid is when I am out of town in case something goes wrong, I could go to Disneyland without a backpack, I could just start eating without having to see where my blood sugar is at or having to give myself insulin it would be amazing! Now, I am looking forward to a cure, it would definitely be weird and take away part of my identity, but it would allow me to be more free which for me would be completely worth it.


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