Asante Pearl

The Asante Pearl is new on the market this year. The Pearl is made to save you time and hassle. When you have an insulin pump you have to reset your pump every 3-5 days and refill your pump about every 7-10 days depending on how much insulin you use on a daily basis. When you prime or reset your pump you have to fill up your reservoir. I cannot tell how you many times I have spilled all of my insulin while filling up the reservoir; its frustrating, expensive, and annoying.  What the Pearl does is take out that step of filling up your reservoir completely. It comes with a prefilled cartridge that is set already primed for you. Just click the pump body (where the insulin cartridge is) to the pump controller and you’re all set to go. It takes out the hassle out of priming and makes using an insulin pump even easier.  


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