Bayer Contour USB

When I go to the store to buy a new meter (because I lost my old one…sadly it happens a lot) the main brands of meters I see are Accu Chek, One Touch, or Freestyle. Now, there is nothing wrong with these brands or their meters, to tell you the truth I have tried a meter with each of these companies and have been completely satisfied. I was beginning to wonder what else was out there for diabetics, are we stuck with just these three brands forever?? The answer I found is no, there are more than just these three brands! There is TRUE, Wavesense, Bayer, and many more. I started to look at the different meters and found one by Bayer that I thought looked interesting.

The Contour USB is a glucose meter that you can plug right in to your computer to download your data. The Contour USB is small and sleek. It has a large screen to make it easier to see your numbers with LED lights to light up the screen. The battery for this meter is rechargeable, so you can stop paying an arm and a leg for the expensive batteries that most meters take.

The features are the Contour are plain and simple. With three buttons you are able to see your logbook, trends, and of course have easy access to your set up menu. With the logbook you are able to keep better track of how you are trending with certain foods, exercise, medication, and more. This meter helps give you a better idea of your blood sugar average so you can pay attention when you need tighter control, or are in good shape.

It’s amazing what you’ll find with a little research.


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