The main thing you hear when people talk about their insulin pumps are how much they look like a pager, which these days is not so cool these days. Now, thankfully the diabetes companies are catching on to newer technology to mimic a cell phone rather than the pager.

Cellnovo has created a two-piece insulin pump with an integrated blood glucose meter. Really, the handset is today’s iPhone. It has a sleek design with a touch screen that us user friendly. Just like the iPhone the Cellnovo has apps to help you keep track of your blood sugars, eating habits, excising habits, and your insulin intake. With the click of a few simple buttons the handset can wirelessly deliver your insulin and send your data straight to your doctor, or simply download to your computer. The second piece is the actual pump. This pump is small enough that you can choose to wear it directly on the skin with a short tubing system, or wear it in your back pocket with a longer tubing system. The choice is yours. Other than is small size the pump is waterproof, you can choose to detach it while you go for a swim or keep it on. Apparently, this pump was made to give you several choices so that you can live with how you would like.

AS of right now this pump is being sold only in Europe. Hopefully the FDA will approve it to be sold in the United States. 


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