Famous Friday: Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler quarterback for the Chicago Bears has Type 1 diabetes. He first started to notice something was wrong when he felt extremely tired to the point where it affected his throwing arm. When he is off the field he uses an insulin pump when on the field he regulates his diabetes with syringes.

When Jay Cutler is off the field he is getting the word out about diabetes. He helps educate football fans about what diabetes is and how it affects you. Cutler has also helped to become a positive image for kids with diabetes, by being an example of a person who doesn’t let diabetes rule his life. He also is apart of an organization that helps send kids with diabetes to diabetes summer camp.

With the Bears medical staff helping Cutler with his diabetes management Cutler feels more like a normal quarterback on the field, rather than a diabetic. If anything he is definitely a good example of someone who has taken charge of their health so they can enjoy life to the fullest like the rest.


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