Famous Friday: Scott Dunton

Scott Dunton is a professional surfer ranking at 119 in the world. He was 16 years old when he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He didn’t do well with the news of having diabetes. He thought if he didn’t care of it, then it would just go away. But with the help if his doctors he has learned to manage his disease and live a somewhat normal life.

Dunton is involved in many diabetes organizations including: Children With Diabetes, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, The PADRE Foundation, and the American Diabetes Association. He has also help to put on a Surfing with Diabetes camp for kids with diabetes. With being involved of all of these different organizations Dunton has become an inspiration for a lot of kids with diabetes. I hope one day I can be an inspiration to people with diabetes like Scott Dunton.


  1. Just want to thank you for lifting my spirit by posting this article about a great athlete. I was doing some research about diabetes, since our baby boy (5) was diagnosed with type I. This is how I found your blog. If you have other stuff about it, I'll appreciate if you could post them here too. Hope you're doing fine.

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  2. Hi Tim, So glad you liked the post! I have a lot of information on here, but may I suggest a few website for you to check out: Tudiabetes is a social media website for all types of diabetics they even have a section for parents with children with diabetes, diabetes mine has a lot of information, and I really like I Run on Insulin (I found her name by typing in my blog name kind of funny!). Check some of those and I hope you can get some help with how to manage your sons diabetes!


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