The iBGstar Blood Glucose Monitoring System

One of my least favorite things about diabetes is having to carrying around everything I need. In my bag I have, test strips, juice, blood checker, syringes and more. It’s nuts! I miss the days where I could leave the house with a small bag or just my wallet and not have to give anything a second thought. Ladies, technology is starting to get us there. Now, we have the iBGstar blood glucose monitoring system.

The iBGstar attaches directly to your iPhone or iPod touch. The information then syncs with the iBGstar app and your diabetes information is always within reach of your iPhone or iPod touch.  The device attaches to your iPhone or iPod touch, you can choose to leave it attached to your phone or carry it with you. Just put in the test strip and your phone and the iBGstar take care of the rest. Ladies we can finally say goodbye to those bulky purses and hello to that little clutch they have been coveting in the department store window.

For more information about the iBGstar blood glucose monitoring system please visit their website at


  1. I have had the iBG star for about 3 months. It's nice to have one less thing to carry. I bought a hard case that holds the iBG star & my iPhone online. The app it comes with seems decent, and I can email my results and insulin injections to doctors & diaticians the day before I see them!

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