Bayer A1c Self Test

I have to wait three months to see where my A1c levels are at because the only time I get one done is when I see my endocrinologist. But what if I want to know how I’m doing today or tomorrow? Well Luckily Bayer has created the A1c Now self test kit that you can buy over the counter for around $30 depending on where you are buying it.

The kit comes with one monitor, two cartridges, two lancets, and two shaker pouches. Fill one of the cartridges with a small blood sample insert into the shaker and mix your blood sample with the solution. Once you have prepared the monitor place the shaker and cartridge into the monitor and in five minutes view your results. 

I haven't had a chance to try out this new technology myself, so I went and checked a few reviews on it. There was an equal mix of good and bad reviews. Some people claim that the results were the same as the results from the lab. Others mentioned them being entirely different. One person complained about the test giving an error message for both cartridges wasting the test completely. I also heard to make sure that you get enough blood, because without enough blood an error message will appear and waste one of the test as well. 

From what I have seen without actually using the test kit is it seems similar to some in-house A1c tests I have taken at my doctors appointment. It's $30 dollars over the counter and if it's somewhat accurate, why not save yourself the cost of a lab fee. 


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