Easy Check Glucose Meter

Sticking my fingers several times a day doesn’t bother me one bit. The only thing that really frustrates me about sticking my fingers is when I can’t get a large enough blood sample because my fingers are so callused or when blood shoots me in the face and makes me look like I just murdered someone. I keep hearing about all of these studies involving new devices for checking your blood sugars without sticking your fingers. During my researching I came across the Easy Check.

PositiveID Corporation, the Diabetes Research Institute, and Children’s Medical Center developed the Easy Check for the sole purpose of taking finger sticks out of the equation. Instead of measuring the glucose in your blood it measures the acetone in your breath. Through research they have found that high levels of acetone in your breath indicates a high level of glucose in your blood.

I know what you are thinking, how can it be accurate if it isn’t even measuring the amount of glucose that is in your blood? Well, you’re right, it’s not just simply using your breath to indicate your blood sugar levels. The Easy Check will mix the exhaled breath with a chemical compound, which allows a measurement of acetone, which will correlate with the measurement of glucose in your blood stream.

This device is still in its testing stages and is not out on the market. But when it does come out and if it is affordable I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot. Saying goodbye to callused fingers would be nice. Then again I am not sure what people will think of my carrying around a breathalyzer, but it would be fun to see their reactions don’t you think??


  1. Recently I bought OneTouch UltraEasy for my uncle recommended by doctor. It's good product to control diabetes.


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