Happy Thanksgiving

I was thinking back to past Thanksgivings hoping for blissful thoughts when it hit me, most of the time on Thanksgiving my anxiety gets the best of me and by the end of the day I am either in tears or balled up in a corner trying to escape to my happy place. And it hit me…. maybe the annual emotional break down has nothing to do with being around people and family, well, maybe just a little bit. I get anxiety in most social situations, but that besides the point and really another topic all in itself. The point is maybe it’s actually my blood sugars. I have written about my diabetic mood swings a few times over the course of this blog when my blood sugars are out of control my emotional stability happens to go out of control. I don’t know why it hasn’t hit me in the last 7 years of my diabetic life that I need to watch it on Thanksgiving.

This year I am vowing to take it easy, really measure out my food and plan ahead for the disaster that could happen from the Thanksgiving meal. I mean, really who wants to end the night in an emotional carb coma? Really, who wants to be around the person in an emotional carb coma? I wouldn’t, I hardly know how to handle my own emotions how am I suppose to know how to handle someone else’s. My plan is to avoid the emotional carb coma this year and make it through the day without my diabetes or anxiety getting the best of me. I am going to make better choices, small portions, more protein, less carbs, using the square bolus function on my insulin pump and hope for the best. Here’s to you blog readers and your Thanksgiving, may it not end in an emotional carb coma! 


  1. I tried my best today, but regardless spent much of my time floating around 300 mg/dl. Totally wiped me out, both physically and emotionally. Made this post resonate for me, big time.


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