How Many Carbs?

I am horrible at writing down my next appointment with my endocrinologist. The appointment is scheduled 3-4 months in advance and I always have an idea of the month it will be in, but not the exact day. I know I need to just write my appointment down, but with todays technology I have become lazy with that task, because I know that I will get a phone call two weeks prior to my appointment letting me know it’s time to get my labs done. What I wasn’t prepared for was technology letting me down and not giving me that important two-week notice for my lab work.

There I was, vacuuming my bedroom when it hit me, Christmas is right around the corner and I could have sworn I had a doctor’s appointment prior. I called my endo’s office and they let me know that my appointment would be the upcoming Friday, 3 days away. Whoops this is why you should write it down! The receptionist was super helpful on letting me know that I could pick up my lab paperwork and get it done that day because it was non-fasting (thank God) and the lab would be able to process everything by my appointment. I decided not to reschedule my appointment and get everything done within that day.

I got my labs done and all would be processed by my doctor’s appointment. I went to my appointment and saw a different physician than usual due to my doctor being on maternity leave. This new doctor pretty much made me feel like the dumbest person on the planet within the first five minutes of the appointment and called me out on things that I really needed to be called out on. I was really offended, but then as the appointment progressed she became softer and more informative and basically made me fall in love with her. She answered all of my questions, gave a brief once over the entire carb counting thing, and was actually very helpful. It’s hard when you have been dealing with something for years to admit that you don’t know everything or may need a refresher and it was nice that I had a doctor who was able to call me out and help me out.

We went over my lab work, which was amazing. My A1c was at 7.2 making my average blood sugars about 150 mg/dl. I wanted to sing to the heavens when I heard that number. It was the best number I have had in my entire diabetic life! I hadn’t gained any more weight, or lost any weight, which was good news considering all year I have been gaining and was getting really annoyed with it. And all my numbers were back to where they needed to be. It was a great appointment, full of emotion, but absolutely worth it. I hope by my next appointment in April that I will have lost weight and have an even lower A1c. I am close to having the average blood sugar of a person with a healthy pancreas and I am hoping to keep it that way. 


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