I Wanted to Dance So Bad!!

I work for a church and we are in the middle of prepping our high school and middle school students for winter camp. I get tons of emails everyday and send emails out almost everyday to make sure that everyone has a chance to go to camp.

Then I got an email last Thursday from a parent who was really concerned about her daughter going to camp because she wears and insulin pump and has diabetes. Of course this parent has no idea that I am diabetic or on an insulin pump. As I’m reading her email I started to get really excited (I know, weird, celebrating diabetes) I can’t help it, I could fist pump for people with diabetes. Finding other people who understand your condition and people you can have a conversation with about your disease is just amazing to me. I held my composure at work so that I wouldn’t freak people out with my urge to bust out and dance (which is what my norm would be).

I wrote the students mother back and explained that I have diabetes and will make sure that everything is in place for her daughter and that the leaders going on the trip would know what to do. I’m still debating if I want to go on this trip, or if my boss would want me to go on this trip, but I have to admit knowing that another diabetic may need me makes the idea of going on this trip a little tempting.

I just love how my having diabetes has allowed me to connect with people. I am involved with a diabetes group now, my blog has introduced me to diabetics from around the world, and of course now my place of work has even connected me with a middle school student who has diabetes. When I was told I was diabetic I would have never thought that it would make me so excited. In fact, I felt the complete opposite at the time. But now, in a weird way it has opened so many doors that having a broken pancreas is totally worth it!


  1. Very cool! That connection might be a HUGE thing for those parents. And you're so right about finding others that understand. Yay!


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