Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!

My husband and I came home from a long weekend in the mountains. I know, sounds nice and romantic, but not quite. It was a staff retreat for my work and before we left the hubs was diagnosed with bronchitis, which he gets every year, and asthma. And of course, I ended up catching the original cold that set off his bronchitis bringing us both home sick and exhausted.

Here is the bigger issue. I knew I was going to need to pick up my new insulin from the pharmacy, but once the hubs and I were home and comfortable on the couch with our blankets and Kleenex there was no way either one of us was going to go anywhere. I checked my insulin, which looked like I had enough to make it through the night and decided to hold off until the next day. Big mistake, towards the end of the night I was getting closer and closer to that last little bit of insulin. I checked my blood sugars before I went to bed and they were under 200, I decided to take the chance and make it through the night with what insulin I had left.

Big mistake. I woke up the next morning with numbers in the 400’s, nauseated, and thirsty. I snuck out of bed, went to the kitchen gave myself the last 3 units of insulin I had, grabbed my bottle of water and curled up on the couch. I still had a couple of hours until the pharmacy opened. I began thinking about my options. I could just sit there sick for the next couple of hours until the pharmacy opened, or I could just be brave and ask one of the people in my diabetes group if I could steal a few units of insulin to get me through the morning. With my stomach hurting and feeling like death a caved in and text one of the girls in my diabetes group.

Within the next ten minutes she was at my house with those precious few units I needed. I gave myself a correction bolus, wrapped up in a blanket and didn’t move from the couch until my numbers were back to normal. It really slowed down my entire day, which was annoying, and the most annoying part of it is I couldn’t blame my diabetes on this one because it was my own laziness that put me in that place. But luckily, I have a great diabetes support group who was able to come to my rescue from my own demise.  


  1. I probably would have done the same thing. And man, sounds like the two of you were in rough shape! Here's to hoping you're both feeling better now. :-)

  2. You would have done the same for me! :)


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