Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! This is the season when we all make our lovely resolutions in hopes of bettering ourselves from the years prior and hope to not break them. I didn’t do too shabby last year on keeping my resolutions, but this year I intend to keep them all. Here are some of 2013’s resolutions:

This year’s slogan will be “get skinny 13”. Like most girls I plan on getting back in shape. I am going to start off this year with a soup cleanse. I have blogged about this cleanse before and now am confident that my diabetes can handle it.

And as for most diabetics, I am going to get even better control of my diabetes in 2013. I began last year with an A1c of 8 and ended it with 7.2. My hopes for this year will be to get into the 6% level and not have such chaotic numbers.

I really want to learn to let go of things this year. I would love to be more go with the flow and learn to handle change without having an aneurism. Ok, ok, I am sure I will have an aneurism here and there, but I don’t want them to control my life, I want to just enjoy it and not give myself any other health problems because I don’t know how to just relax.

These are some of my resolutions for 2013. I hope that at the end of this year I will be able to say that I succeeded in all of them. I don’t know why, but there is something that just feels right about 2013, maybe because the zombie apocalypse isn’t lingering or the end of the world for that matter. I have to say though that I am very excited for this year and am ready for anything it has to throw at me. Happy New Year everyone!


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