I am Officially Signed Up!

As part of my resolution catch phrase “Get skinny 13” I have taken up running along side my boot camp training. On the days when I am not working out or am unable to attend one of my normal boot camp classes I have been going on little runs to stay active. I have always hated running, I am not good at it, and could never understand how some people can do it for fun. But my attitude is starting to change towards this new activity. I am starting to see and understand how someone might enjoy running. It’s my alone time, when all there is, is my music, and scenery around me. It’s really peaceful.

The other day while on the phone with my mom, she asked if I would be interested in doing the Color Me Rad 5K run with my aunt in April. My normal response would be no, only because I am an achiever and coming in last would just hurt my soul. But I decided that this would be something to remember and could be the beginning of a new hobby. And now in April, my mom, cousins, aunt, grandma, and sister will all run the Color Me Rad run.

Because this is my first somewhat long distance run, I will have to look into how to do a long distance run with diabetes. Will I need a fanny pack with juice, tablets, and other things? Should I get a continuous glucose monitor for the run or just stop and check my blood sugars throughout the run? Do I need snacks? There are just so many things to plan for when you have diabetes. Because of this I will be researching the subject and getting back to you on the options I come across and which ones I will be choosing when I participate in the Color Me Rad run. I’m really excited!!


  1. good luck and kick ass! always have snacks and meter when you run and check before heading out. if you can get your insurance to pay for a CGM I say get it. a decent book to checkout is http://www.amazon.com/Diabetic-Athletes-Handbook-Sheri-Colberg/dp/0736074937

    might check w/ your local dawn phenom chapter for other diabetic runners


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