I just ripped out my cannula... no big deal

The other night I crawled into bed and began my tossing and turning routine to find the perfect nook to sleep in. When I suddenly rolled over and felt a quick yank from my insulin pump. I looked down and there it was, lying on my bed as if nothing happened, my cannula. Apparently, it didn’t want to wait until the following morning to be changed, it wanted to be changed right then and there at the most inconvenient time.

Now, I know this probably freaks some of you out, the idea of something being yanked out of your body. But, trust me it sounds worse than it actually is. It’s not like ripping out an earring or anything, it's more like ripping off a Band-Aid. Over time it wears down and the edges begin to lift and you know it's time to change it. I just get lazy and leave it for the following day or want to wait it out because I know I will have to change my insulin shortly as well. Who wants to stab themselves more than they need to right?

So, I got out of bed, switched out my set, crawled back into bed and continued the tossing and turning routine.


  1. Of course it happens just as you're settling into bed. :-(


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