Stalking Diabetics Everywhere!

You know you have a problem when you stalk people to talk to them about diabetes. I was sitting in church on Sunday and saw one of my good friends sit down with her brother (a newly diagnosed type 1) and his wife. I have been dying to get in contact with them since I found out he was diagnosed. As soon as the service was over I ran over to catch them before they left. I know, I already admitted to being a stalker. I just can’t help it. I love talking to people about diabetes, especially when they are diagnosed later in life like I was and are now being thrown into completely new territory. Hey, at least they know who I am, it’s not like I am a total stranger barging into their lives.

My main goal was to talk to his wife. I knew she was curious because this is not only new for her husband, but it’s also new for her as well. The first words out of her mouth when we were talking were, “what should I be feeding him”? I laughed a little. I told her she could feed him a standard diet, but not to be angry with him when he wants to splurge on a burger. I continued to explain that eating a well balanced meal helps to keep tighter numbers and is beneficial, but in all reality if he would like to eat a hamburger, let him as long as he gives himself insulin before he eats it. After I finished my statement, her husband fist pumped the air and “yes”! I laughed a little because I completely got it. I remember when I was first diagnosed looking at all the food labels and realizing everything had carbs and felt as if there was nothing I could eat. It becomes overwhelming and frustrating and was helpful when I saw my nutritionist and she cleared this up for me.

I invited her and her husband to my diabetes groups next meeting and hope that we will get to see them there. I also apologized for stalking them in church to talk to them about diabetes, but that I couldn’t help it. I get excited when I hear someone else has been diagnosed like I was. I love being able to give some advice on how to handle their diabetes. Let’s face it, there is a lot of confusion as to what Type 1 diabetes is. You hear about Type 2 all of the time so I understand when people clump the two together. But for me at least, I feel it’s our job as Type 1 diabetic to educate others about the difference. 


  1. Haha! I'm totally guilty of the same thing. :-)

  2. You brought up a good point about "I run on batteries"!!! How true!!! I'm a T1 on a pump also.

  3. As it is OUR job as type 2 as well, to not only educate about differences/misconceptions between the two and more types...but also about differences/misconceptions WITHIN Type 2. Time and time again I am told that I cannot be diabetic, as I'm too thin, and that I don't "look" diabetic. This annoys me greatly on many levels...1) Though I am thin and always have is my family who is riddled with diabetes, both types, on both is perceived by some that Type 2 diabetics must be overweight. WRONG!!!
    2) Since I am thin it is perceived by some that I must therefore be a Type 1. WRONG!!!
    3)That only Type 1 require insulin. WRONG!! 4) That only Type 2 can be insulin resistant. WRONG!!!
    I wish they realized that I did not cause this. That is is GENETIC.
    Hearing it over and over is SO annoying.

  4. Guilty as charged!


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