Thanks Zooey for Calling Me Out

Zooey Deschanel posted on Facebook the other day that people who are dieting love talking about diets. And well, with a shameful nod I realized I completely fall into that category. My slogan of the year is “get skinny 13”, but I’m not dieting per say, I am eating more vegetables more than anything. Instead of taking the food I love away I have decided to enjoy the appropriate amount of the food I love and counter them with a large amount of veggies. You see, dieting, and talking about it, ugh...I feel like such a cliché.

I have entered into the world of veggies. No, I am not going vegetarian although, I am starting to realize it would be pretty easy to do. But I am making sure that I am substituting whatever I can for any sort of veggie. And you know what? My pants fit better, I have a lot more energy, and my blood sugars are starting to love me again. I mean, sure there are some days when they don’t, but for the most part my diabetes is happy and that makes me happy.

But you want to know the best part of my “get skinny 13” slogan? The hubs telling me yesterday while rubbing his belly that he is starting to feel trimmer and better over all as well. This is a huge success in my book. Yes, I am starting to become overly obsessed with getting healthier, but getting the hubs healthy with me is completely worth the obsession. Who would have thought that our parents knew what they were talking about when they told us to eat our vegetables? So yes, I am one of those people Zooey is talking about, and I apologize for that, but hey it’s all about “get skinny 13”. 


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