Yes I can eat that

I went grocery shopping after my boot camp class the other night. When I was getting checked out at the counter I pulled out my blood checker because that is where I store my money, license, and boot camp card when I workout so that I don’t have to carry a huge purse with me. This struck up an interesting conversation between the checker and I.

Checker: “That’s a cool wallet”.
Me: “thanks, it’s actually my blood checker, it makes a great purse for when I work out”.
Checker: grabs the cookie butter I am purchasing “so, you can’t eat things like this”?
Me: “No, I can, I just need to give myself insulin. I have type 1 diabetes not type 2”

If you asked me what the most annoying thing about having diabetes is, you wouldn’t expect my answer to be people like this would you? I hate when people think they know about diabetes and lump us all together in one big happy family. Wrong, we are called type 1 and type 2 because we are different. Don’t you think that if all diabetics were the same they would just call us diabetic? After my long and awkward conversation I left the store, got into my car and just laughed. What else was I going to do?


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