Guess a Number, Any Number

The hubs and I were sitting in the car and enjoying our Starbucks. He enjoyed an iced Americano while I enjoyed a refresher. Of course mid sip I realized I hadn’t given myself insulin for my drink yet. I told my hubs I needed to check my blood sugars and we turned it into a little game. He guessed a number and I guessed a number…sadly we were both wrong and the number was way off what either of us had guessed (it was a rough blood sugar day) but the game did make it more fun to check my blood sugar.

What made the game more interesting was the fact that we had to guess the exact number. Not just guestimate low 200’s or between 140 and 150, it had to be exact and it was exciting (for me at least). It took the pressure off being in range when it had more to do with what the number was. Even when the number that showed up was horrible we both acknowledged it discussed what we thought could have caused it and then laughed at how we both lost the game.  

Sometimes its necessary to change up your diabetes routine because lets face it checking your blood sugars is quick and easy, but we tend to skip that part from time to time and suffer with horrible numbers later. We also don’t tend to pause and think about the number on the screen we just correct it, or leave it and that’s the end of it No wonder it’s so boring to do. So why not look into something a little more exciting to make the habit more fun? Who knows it could make you more aware and give you better control, lower your A1c, or just make it not feel like such a hassle. Sometimes we have to switch things up to make it more exciting.  


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