What Should Our Team Name Be?

We had our monthly diabetes group meeting this week. Our group is a lot of fun, even more fun now that we are growing in numbers. There are about 7 of us know and considering that Type 1’s only count for 5% of the diabetes population I feel like we are a pretty large group. We also are a well-rounded group. We have a newly diagnosed Type 1, the didn’t learn she had Type 1 until after her first pregnancy Type 1, the diagnosed in their tweens Type 1’s, and the diagnosed in their 20’s type 1’s. It makes for a lot of interesting conversation and stories which all have now become a little obsessed with if you ask me.

In this months meeting we discussed normal issues such as making our new member tell us her diabetes story, answered questioned for our newly diagnosed member, and normal chatter about working out and bolusing for certain meals. But the biggest thing we discussed in our group this month was participating in the diabetes walk that’s coming to Fresno in the spring. We want to register as a team and try to raise about $100 each for the walk. The biggest issue we are having is coming up with a team name. We finally have narrowed it down to about three options:

1) We run on batteries (because we are all on insulin pumps and it would be fun promotion for my blog)
2) We got the beets
3) diabuddies because well that what we are.

We are going to make a decision by the end of tomorrow and get the ball rolling. Out of our top three what would be your pick??


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