A Facebook Message

I woke up this morning and stuck to my usual routine (minus the shower, but hey, don’t judge). I got dressed, did my make up and hair, packed my lunch (PB&J), watered the yard, and sat down to Google stuff. I decided to check Facebook, because well, this is the day and age we are in. When I noticed 9 notifications, which is a lot for me (is that bad?) but one stood out to me over the other 8. One of my best friends from high school left a message on my page that seriously made my entire day.

We were besties in middle school, and inseparable in high school.  We went away to college together and made it through being roomies without ruining our friendship and wanting to murder one another. She also was one of the first people to be apart of my diabetic life. She came home as soon as I told her I had diabetes and was freaking out about losing my feet and let me cry and vent to her. She always knew how to cheer me up, which usually called for dressing up and choreographing ridiculous dances that only we thought were funny, it was with her I experienced my first low, my first shot, and my first insulin pump freak out. She went through my diabetes grieving process (without either of knowing that’s what it was) and dealt with my craziness for the next two years.

This morning when I looked at her message she mention how she has been doing rounds at a clinic in Hilo and deals T1 diabetics. She showed her preceptor my blog and told them about my success on the pump. Then mentioned that after years of us not being together, living in the same country, but on different sides of the ocean she reads my blog and finds it inspirational. This seriously means the world to me, because even though I started this blog just to have something to do, it has been a great way for me to share my story with others and show some of the non-diabetic people in my life that his is something that people deal with day in and day out. I’m not going to lie this was a great start to my day and all I can say is thank you!


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