Bad Decisions

You know when you are a teenager and you know better then to do what you are doing? I was that kind of diabetic over the weekend. I know it’s terrible for my health and blah, blah, blah, but there are moments when I decide to be a bad diabetic (mom, try not to panic).

I woke up Saturday ready to be the best diabetic I could. I was serving food at an event with my church and knew that I would want to nibble on food all day. I made the conscious decision that I would check and bolus for every single thing I wanted to put into my mouth. I was successful and life was great. I was so excited because I managed to get through the event without a number above 200. Then I got home. The hubs and I already had a fairly busy day planned and on top of it all one of our car decided to break. After running around and taking care of the car stuff we decided to just pick something up for dinner. Now, usually I prep for these meals because they are loaded with carbs, fats, and proteins and complicated to predict, but I decided to ignore it eat. Big mistake.

About 30 minutes after we ate I noticed I couldn’t get enough water into my system and knew I had high blood sugars. I decided it wasn’t that big of a deal and did a correction bolus. I waited patiently on the couch for my insulin to kick in and then checked my blood sugars again to make sure they were going down. Sadly, they were only going up. I absolutely hate those moments. So I did what I thought was best and pulled out a syringe and gave myself a quick shot with an appropriate amount of insulin. The hubs and I sat down and began to watch a movie (The Impossible, amazing movie you need to see it). I waited another 30 minutes to see where my blood sugars were; luckily they finally began to drop. I kept checking throughout the movie to make sure they were continuing a steady trend down.

Then the worst began to happen, over correction, which means low blood sugars. I drank a box of apple juice waited 15 minutes (like you are supposed to) and checked my sugars again; they were even lower. I drank another juice box and repeated the same thing; they were still dropping. I decided the best thing to do was to eat a small snack to help make my numbers begin to rise. After another hour they finally were on a slow rise, my normal blood sugars were around the corner and I felt I could safely fall asleep.

Just like a teenager I had to learn my lesson the hard way with an entire evening of sucky numbers. I could have prevented it if I had just decided to be responsible and take care of myself properly. Luckily, my numbers went back to normal and I learned to not be a lazy diabetic and just give myself a quick bolus before I ate throughout the rest of the weekend. It takes two seconds, but man, sometimes I just want to eat.


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