Just for Fun

The hubs and I have been a little obsessed with the VampireDiaries lately. I never thought I was going to get as into the show, but I have. In the Vampire Diaries it talks about how when you turn into a vampire all of your emotions and quirks intensify. I started to think about it, if a diabetic became a vampire would their diabetes intensify?

With my new super diabetes I can only imagine the diabetic mood swings going to the extreme. When my blood sugars would go up so would my rage. My other vampire friends (because we never travel alone) would have to chain me up like a werewolf during the full moon to control my rage to prevent me from revealing our secret to the world. It would be hard to even hold a conversation when my sugars were high, anything and everything would set off my temper.

And for the lows, well, all I can assume is that I would go on a total binge. I would have to use what little strength I had to find people who happened to be extra sugary that day. I would go around compelling people (mind control if you don’t watch the show) to let me feed off of them because I would be too weak to hunt. I’d have to hold in my emotions because they would become super emotions that would easily take me over. You wouldn’t know what emotion might come spewing out of me, tears, rage, frustration etc. I can only assume a vampire with low blood sugars would mean bad news.

I keep thinking that the symptoms of diabetes would also increase in intensity. You wouldn’t want to take me on a road trip because we would have to pull over and pee every 5 seconds. Then there would be the uncontrollable hunger I would have to carry blood bags at all times to prevent a killing spree. And what about the extreme thirst? Well I guess for a vampire eating and drinking are kind of the same thing, so really I would kill two birds with one stone with the blood bag stock pile.

So this is what being a diabetic vampire could look like. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at it.


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