She Made My Week!

The other day I stopped by my Grandmas house to grab her donation for the diabetes walk. We had a nice talk while I was there and when the topic of diabetes came up to my surprise she knew the difference of the two types. I couldn’t believe it! I mean, I feel like most of the time I spend my time debating with people about the fact that my diabetes has nothing to do with the way I eat, and it was so refreshing to have a conversation with someone who doesn’t have diabetes understand the difference between the two types. So here is a shout out to you Grandma for making my entire week awesome! 


  1. That's really great! I know its frustrating when people don't know the difference. My mom who is 85 still gets it confused

  2. I just had to make a quick comment here...your grandmother went on and on about the wonderful visit she had with you Daley. She really enjoyed hearing about everything you're up to and she commented about how great you look. That little visit of yours meant the world to her so I think you also deserve a big shout out :) Love you! Auntie Jane


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