Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater

I feel like I am cheating on Medtronic. I was at my last doctor’s appointment when my doctor mentioned me using a continuous glucose monitor. I explained to her that I loved the idea of them, I mean, having to only check my blood sugar twice a day while this device does it the other 26 times…yes please! But then I mentioned the trouble I had with my Medtronic one and because of that I hadn’t wanted to order more supplies for it. My doctor then offered me a trial run with the Dexcom (insurance covered) and I jumped on it. So yes, I am an adulterer and cheater when it comes to CGM’s. Do I hate myself? Kind of, not really.

My trial run with the Dexcom won’t be until the second week of July and I am the most excited. It’s really sad when medical technology gets your blood flowing. I can hardly wait and I am sure I will have all sorts of things to tell you guys afterwards. 


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