OCD About Everything Except Diabetes

This week has been a long one. I am getting ready for two summer camps the third one I won’t even really count because thankfully my boss used to work for it and makes my life a lot easier by handling the majority of stuff that goes along with it. The upsetting this about it being a long week, is my lack of diabetes control. I either don’t want to eat anything or eat everything in sight making my blood sugars hate me. No I have not had horrible blood sugar days throughout the week just a little higher average then the usual one.

I am beyond Type A in my work life and my everyday life my closet is even in ROYGBIV to help me get dressed in the morning. I wish I was a little mellower and could go with the flow, but unfortunately I am a control freak who is over organized and may qualify as having boarder line OCD. But the most frustrating thing about being Type A is that for some reason that doesn’t seem to transfer over to my diabetes when it really should. I become crazy about everything else, I make check lists, double/triple check things and then only seem to want to go with the flow when it comes to my diabetes. Sometimes it works great other times…well lets just say those are usually the numbers my doctor looks at and asks “what happened here?”

So, what I want to know is why in the world am I Type A over everything else in my life, but my diabetes. Is it because I want to give myself grace during the hard weeks? Or is it because I would have a total mental breakdown if I added that into the mix of things? I’m not sure, but every ounce of me wishes that I was insanely OCD with my diabetes. Do good intentions count


  1. I get this. Couple thoughts I have - diabetes would be the straw that breaks the camel's back, and/or we stay crazy organized on everything else to avoid working on our diabetes.

    Dunno - just what popped into my head. :-)


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