Diabetes Challenge: Day 2

Well, I crashed, my blood sugars dropped to 29mg/dl at 3:00am. I believe this was a user error issue. Before I went to sleep I checked my blood sugars and was at 226mg/dl. My pump told me to let it be, but I couldn’t I was rising and worried I would continue to rise throughout the night, so I corrected with 1 measly unit and at 3:00am I learned my lesson.

I expected to have a high number after my crash when I woke up this morning, but luckily, I was only at 125mg/dl. I deviated from my norm and decided to have two pieces of toast with a little bit of cinnamon and sugar. The toast was 26 grams of carbs and I bolused 2.5 units of insulin and enjoyed my breakfast.

When I got to work I had my usual double shot Americano black (0g of carbs) and went into our staff meeting. After our staff meeting I was at 143. So far the day is looking good! I decided to take my chances and had half of a bagel with cream cheese (35g of carbs) and bolused 2.0 units.

By lunch I was at 148 and decided to grab some Chinese food with some gals from work. I gave myself a huge bolus because I never seem to give myself enough for Chinese food (4.3 units of insulin to be exact). I don’t know what it is about Chinese food, but my body refuses to digest it properly, even when given synthetic insulin. But, there are some foods that are just worth the possible high blood sugars. When I checked two hours after lunch I was at 169mg/dl, success!!

Dinner was a lot less complicated. I made honey rosemary chicken, biscuits, and a salad. I gave myself a bolus of 2.4 units basically for the biscuits and enjoyed my meal. After dinner I went for a run. After my first lap I realized my numbers were dropping, so I headed back to the house, had a juice box without checking my numbers and worked on our yard a little bit, I wanted to get some kind of work out in, I mean come on, it’s get skinny 13. When I finished the yard I decided to check my blood sugars and they were at 69mg/dl. Oyi… I had a small glass of fat free milk and continued my evening.

Before bed a spiked. I went up to 269mg/dl, I am not sure how that happened, but went ahead and did a correction bolus.

Day two went much better than day one. My highest number was 169mg/dl and my lowest was 29mg/dl. My blood sugar average was 133mg/dl, putting my A1c between 6% and 7%. I would say day two went well, lets hope to keep the trend up on day 3.


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