Diabetes Challenge: Day 3

Well day three was not a good day…

I started the day with a low of 49mg/dl. I decided to try my cinnamon toast (26g of carbs) again considering yesterday I had good luck after eating it. But, today proved that theory wrong. After breakfast I was at 66mg/dl. I drank my juice box and enjoyed my morning Americano.

Midmorning I decided to go for ½ a bagel because it was literally screaming my name all the way from the break room. I checked my sugars and was at 96mg/dl bloused 2.3 units for it and continued the morning.

By lunch I was at 144mg/dl, I should have noticed my numbers climbing throughout the morning, but figured they were normal. I had a peanut butter and honey sandwich for lunch with sour cream and cheddar chips, I’m on a huge fake cheese kick right now…it’s embarrassing. I bolused 5.2 units and enjoyed the rest of my day. Two hours after lunch that gradual climb continued and I was at 213mg/dl. I did a correction bolus of 2.1 units and hoped to see better numbers in a couple hours. 

I could tell I was beginning to drop while I was making dinner, and instead of handling the situation with normal protocol, I decided to just eat, not bolus, and avoid a crazy low with crazy high. Stupid right?? After dinner I was at 313mg/dl and on my way to Yogurtland. I gave myself a bolus 30 minutes before I ate, to give my body a head start on bringing my numbers down, but that didn’t happen. Instead, my numbers just went higher and by the time I got home I was at 350mg/dl.

My highest number today was 350mg/dl and my lowest was 49mg/dl. This makes my daily average 159mg/dl putting me just above a 7%.

I guess to put a positive on a negative; I am beginning to notice a trend. It looks like my numbers begin to rise around lunch and then nose dive and spike back up. I definitely will be doing some basal testing after this weeks challenge. Also, my A1c for this week is around 7.5%, which is lower than the three-month average I just got at my last doctors appointment. Let’s hope tomorrow we are back on track with a day that looks as good as Tuesday did.



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