Diabetes Challenge: Day 4

Day four was all over the place. I was out of my normal routine today, so I am guessing that is what caused some of the chaos.

I woke up low (58mg/dl)…again…I am telling you, basal testing is in my near future. I had a Greek Yogurt for breakfast (18g of carbs) and .3 units for it. I continued my normal morning routine, and headed to work.

When I got to work my blood sugars were at 140mg/dl. I made myself my Americano and didn’t bolus because there are no carbs in my Americano and 140mg/dl after a meal is a good number for me.

At 9:30 when I checked to see where I was at and I was bummed to see my blood sugars were at 186mg/dl. I couldn’t believe it. I Googled it and came across an article from the Mayo Clinic, apparently caffeine can impair insulin action, I didn’t bolus or eat anything with carbs and my numbers still went up. I will do some more research and let you know what I find.

By lunch I was even higher. I was at 247mg/dl and was the most annoyed. Luckily I brought a salad for lunch and figured my body could easily figure out what to do with it. I bolused 4.4 units because it was a huge salad and I love salad dressing, ate my lunch and hoped for the best.

I got lazy and didn’t check my blood sugars until I got home from work. My numbers were at 100mg/dl. I was craving strawberries and had a small bowl which I bolused 1 unit for. And then I made another error in judgment and snuck a small bite of cookie dough…by dinner I was at 183.

Here is where it gets even trickier. The hubs and I decided to cheat tonight and grab In and Out for dinner. I had a cheeseburger, fries, and a diet coke(93g of carbs..yikes!). I bolused 5.4 units and figured I would suffer from high blood sugars later. Little did I know I would be at 67mg/dl 2 ½ hours later. I corrected with a small amount of carbs, because I know there will be a spike in numbers in another hour.

My highest number today was 247mg/dl and my lowest was 58mg/dl. My daily average was 145mg/dl. My weekly average is 157mg/dl putting me just above the 7% range. This weekend I am going to the lake, which means no normal routine, bad food choices, and who knows what else that will most likely lead to poor numbers. I am hoping that at the end of the weekend I am happy with my numbers and am still able to track a trend.


  1. Sometimes my numbers go up just from being awake. It's like my body is pissed at me for not sleeping anymore and cranks out a bunch of "get moving" hormones to try and compensate.


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