Diabetes Challenge: Day 5

Today was a unique day. I watch one of my friends daughters every other Friday, and I usually try to run higher numbers for fear of a severe low while watching her little one. Today, I tried really hard to avoid higher numbers and treated today like most days. The only difficult part is running around with a toddler wears you out and makes it hard to remember to eat (hopefully that means I will get skinny when I have children). My numbers were lower, but not in the lows.

My lowest number was 81mg/dl and my highest number was 171mg/dl. My average for the day was 126mg/dl. Putting my weekly average at 125mg/dl putting me in the 6% range. This makes me one happy girl!

The only thing I would have changed for today would have been to eat a little more than I did, and to check my blood sugars more than I did. I still have those two little spikes in the chart, I am hoping to discover the cause of those.



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