Diabetes Challenge: Day One

Well, day one went ok, I had a couple of high 200’s and one low of 64. Here is how the day played out…

I woke up at 5:30am checked my blood sugars and was at 87mg/dl. I was happy with this number and felt I had a good start to the day. After my shower I went into the kitchen to get my breakfast, Yoplait honey Greek yogurt 18g of carbs with a little protein to hold me over. I bolused .90 units of insulin and continued my morning routine.

Two hours after breakfast, I checked, and I was at a low of 64mg/dl. Bummed by my low I drank 15g of apple juice. I waited 15 minutes and my blood sugar numbers slowly began to go up.

Around 9:30am I checked again and was at 122mg/dl. I made myself a black double shot Americano (0g carbs) and had ¼ of a Costco double chocolate chip muffin (18g of carbs). I bolused 1.2 units of insulin and continued to work.

By lunch I was at a womping 269mg/dl. I was really annoyed by this number but wanted to make a note of it to see what happens tomorrow mid-morning to lunch. I had a taco salad for lunch and a diet Pepsi. My lunch had a grand total of 54g of carbs and I gave myself 4.5 units of insulin.

Two hours after lunch (a little after 2) I was even higher at 298mg/dl. My guess would be that I didn’t count my carbs correctly, which really bums me out. But I least I didn’t break 300mg/dl right?? So, I corrected with 2.8 units of insulin and waited patiently for them to drop.

When I got home I was at 256mg/dl. I am beginning to think an afternoon basal test is going to be needed. We had shrimp tacos for dinner I gave myself 3.6 units, ate my dinner and got ready for boot camp. Before I left for boot camp I checked m blood sugars and was at 175mg/dl. I felt good about that number and was ready for my work out.

I always have a small fear with boot camp. Some classes my numbers sky rocket, other classes I drop and can’t keep my numbers up. And this was a class where I spiked. I went up again to 296mg/dl. Gave myself half of the recommended correction so that I wouldn’t crash later in the evening and continued to work my butt off. My instructor had fun making me do all the harder modifications. I ran around the building three times, and had to use the heavier weights, blah…

When I got home from boot camp I was at 145mg/dl. I will give you an update to let you know if I crash in the middle of the night, or if I was a successful evening. My daily average blood sugar was 191 mg/dl, which would be in the 8% range. Let’s hope today I can bring it back down to 7%. 


  1. Here's hoping for NO CRASHES tonight.

    Sorry today was a bit rough (but like you said - you only tickled the 300 line, didn't go through it).


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