Is Diabetes Always to Blame??

I woke up today not feeling my best. The funny thing is when I don’t feel right the first thing to go through my mind is to check my blood sugars. They were at 77mg/dl nothing to worry about in my mind. I jumped in the shower hoping that would make me feel better, which it did, until I had to get out of the shower. My next idea was to grab my usual breakfast of honey Greek yogurt, jump back into my comfy bed, enjoy my yogurt and lay down for a few more minutes. This is more of my morning routine rather than to make myself feel better. I kissed the hubs goodbye and closed my eyes for just a moment longer.

As I was lying there in my cozy little nook of pillows, down throws, and comforters I started thinking, why is it that when I don’t feel well my first instinct is to blame my diabetes? Whenever I mention that I am not feeling well to someone the first thing they ask me is “how are your sugars”? I usually go for my blood checker before considering any other options. But lets be honest it’s not always diabetes fault. In fact today was because of my lack of sleep. No diabetes involved there, just bad choices on my part.

Lately, I have been all over the place. I am working on redecorating our living room and am trying to find those perfect (inexpensive) pieces for it, going to boot camp or running, spending time with my friends, and keeping up with housework. When I finally start to wind down at the end of the day I can’t, my mind wants to continue to go a million miles an hour making it harder to fall asleep. Then in the morning it feels like my head just hit the pillow an hour ago. Of course I felt gross this morning, lack of sleep will probably kill me quicker than my diabetes at this point...too morbid…yeah, scratch that. It’s the lack of sleep talking.

Sometimes it’s not diabetes and I need to remember that. There will be days when I feel gross because my body wants me to slow down or I am actually legitimately sick. I know it’s probably better to be safe than sorry and put diabetes on top of the list of culprits when I feel gross. But at the same time I need to keep an open mind so I can figure out what is really wrong with me. Which in this case was my lack of sleep, which I would have noticed right away if I wasn’t so tired. Oh well, maybe tonight I will catch up a little. 


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