My Week on Instagram

This has been quite the week! My sister and I had a mother daughter shopping day which was way overdue. We spent the day in Modest because of the BART strike because we didn't want to hassle actually driving into the city.

Then I a 1920's themed surprise party for one of my friends. I have to admit it was fun dressing up, I did a faux bob, used that little black dress all girls need, and found an old headband that was perfect for the event, it just needed one more small touch which I found by going through my old dance costumes. 

I had to say goodbye to my friend Sarah. We bonded over diabetes and I really learned to appreciate her over the year. I am excited for her new journey even though I am losing one of my favorite diabuddies.

After this whirlwind weekend of amazing events the best part of my week happend. I got to try out the Dexcom and my life literally changed overnight!

And then the week came to and end with some funny quirks from my hubs. He has to eat with a plate aways, even if it's take out, or a drumstick. I think it's silly, but I know one day I will miss it.

Oh and of course my insane cat decided to steal my pen while I was working on my blood sugar log...rude...

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