Saying Goodbye Sucks

Last week I wrote about meeting my new diabuddy, this week I am writing about losing one of my diabuddies. The most important diabuddy, my first diabuddy. Sarah is the person who got me involves in my diabetes group, my diabetic co-worker, and friend. She is just as passionate about diabetes as am I, if not more. And yesterday we celebrated her as she begins a new journey in life.

I hate goodbyes, they are hard, and well, I hate change, but I know this is going to be an awesome time for Sarah and seeing the room filled with people who she has impacted over the years was amazing. We looked around and selfishly wanted her to stay because she has to say goodbye to too many of us. But then we put our selfishness aside and realized that there are so many more people she will touch in her new life and we would be selfish not to let her go.

I am going to miss her. She was my diabetes security blanket. When I was in need of a few units before I could get my prescription refilled, she helped me out.  She was always available at work when my numbers were low or if I had a question about how she handled certain situations with her diabetes. I wish her the best of luck in her new endeavors and hope she knows she will not be easy to replace.


  1. Love you Daley!! I have no idea who I am going to call now when I'm short on insulin!! You will carry on the diabetes group well :)


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