The One Week Challenge

I have mentioned before that I am pretty organized, maybe even borderline OCD with everything in my life except my diabetes. It really frustrates me. I wish that I could have almost perfect diabetes for just one week. There is just so much to pay attention to, how many carbs are going into my mouth, remember to check your blood sugars two hours after you eat, check your blood sugars before you eat, blah, blah, blah. As much as I hate all of this, I am going to take the challenge and try to be an almost perfect diabetic this entire week. Each day I will give you my food/blood sugar log with my daily activities. Maybe I will find some trends, maybe I won’t, maybe I will succeed, and maybe I won’t. Either way this is my goal for the week, it’s just one week. I have done cleanses and succeeded, why can’t I manage this for a week?

So get ready to go through this journey with me. See my weekly struggles and successes each day, and let’s hope for the best!


  1. Good luck you've inspired me to try this too!

  2. You can do it! I'll give it a go too, starting today!


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