Remember When....

This weekend we celebrated our friend’s birthday by going out and eating teppanyaki. When we sat down to eat I reminded my hubs the last time we ate teppanyaki was three years ago when I landed in the hospital, not with food poisoning, but with extremely high blood sugars.

 The hubs and I were engaged at the time and looking forward to a nice date night. I had been working on the yard all day and felt a little off. I was sweaty and shaky and automatically assumed I had low blood sugars, I grabbed a quick bite to eat, and still felt off,. I didn’t think much of it because sometimes when I overwork myself I usually feel a little gross afterwards. I decided to sit down and relax for a little bit until it was time to start getting ready for our date. Two hours later I still felt gross, I checked my blood sugars and was in the 300’s, I did a correction bolus and went on with my day.

When we got to the restaurant, my stomach was really upset and I could not quench my thirst. The minute our waiter asked for drink orders I asked for a huge glass of water, downed it, and asked for another. I knew this was a bad sign, so I checked my sugars again and was now the 400’s. I didn’t want to ruin our date and we were already seated for dinner, so I did another correction and bolused for the huge amount of carbs I knew I was about to eat.

After dinner, I felt horrible. I asked the hubs if we could go back to his house so I could lie down until I started to feel better. When we got to his house I was hurting. I checked my sugars and they were even higher. Frustrated, I did a correction bolus once more and tried to not have a total melt down. The hubs watched me with concern and asked if we needed to go to the hospital. I protested for a few minutes, and then realized it was probably the right thing to do. He called my sister, who called some more people, and so on and so forth to let them know what was happening. The last time I had been admitted into the hospital on account of high blood sugars they stuck me with an IV, put me a in wheel chair and left me in the waiting area. This time went different, I was put into a hospital gown and left in a hospital bed, with an IV, and not allowed to have anything and I mean anything, not even water.

After a long evening in the hospital of throwing up my dinner, learning I was allergic to Regalin, and being deprived of water, the doctor finally decided to give me insulin by injection. We watched hour by hour while my sugars slowly came down and when I was back in the 100’s they sent me home. When I got home I decided to change my setting for my pump. When I pulled out the cannula I noticed it was bent in an “L” shape and that the cannula never punctured through my skin. Normally, I will get an alarm message if I am not receiving any insulin, but my pump had not given me an alarm message all evening. I was so paniced by my high numbers and my not feeling well that the thought had never crossed my mind that the problem may have been my pump. But, now I know, if your numbers are going up reset your pump, give yourself an injection, and wait. Luckily, I had perfect numbers before and after dinner this time around and was able to enjoy every moment of the evening. 


  1. My daughter is T1 (she's 11) she is currently using the iport advance...basically the same thing as the infusion side for the pump...We have also had bad sites, bent cannulas...Now when her numbers are crazy I change the site right away! I am glad you are doing ok now!!!


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