It's My Birthday

Today is my Birthday, and I love my birthday! I have been celebrating since last Friday and will have more celebrations to come during this upcoming weekend. The one thing that my body hates about my birthday is all the crap food I choose to eat in celebration/mourning of becoming another year older. Everything is high fat, high carb, and relates to high blood sugars. But I can’t help it, it’s the one time out of the year where I indulge a little more than a should.

One thing I love about birthdays is birthday gift cards. I got a Starbucks gift card and decided to put it to use the other morning. I usually just have a black Americano, but decided to deviate from my usual and splurge on an extra sugary beverage. I wasn’t sure how many carbs was in a caramel mocciato, so I grabbed my phone and Googled it. Thank God for Google! Every time I ate something a little out of the norm I would look up what I was eating on my phone and give myself the proper bolus for it. I still had higher numbers than normal, but nothing too high where I hated myself after.

I will keep my phone close while I continue to eat things I normally stay away from just to make sure that I can keep my blood sugars under control while my waistline goes out of control. I will probably hate myself next week when I can’t fit into my skinny jeans, but until then I will enjoy every bite and every bolus. 


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