Reunited and It Feels So Good

Last night I got to be reunited with a few of my fellow diabetics. We all desperately felt we needed to get together, but with summer ending and school starting we had to put off our meetings for a while. We always meet at Panera where someone of us can have dinner and some of us can have dessert. I love when I am with my diabetes group, how I don’t feel self conscious at all about what I am going to eat. We joke and ask each other “how much are going to give yourself for that”? And then give everyone time to let their insulin dosage sink in before we order and eat. It never seems like a hassle when you are with other people who have to do the same thing you do before you have to eat. It’s these small moments that make you not feel different because you are pancreatically challenged.

As we started eating we caught up on life (since we haven’t seen each other in at least two months). Some of us are teachers and talked all about their first weeks back to school, some of us talked about trying out some new devices, and some of us talked about living the rebellious life and ditching the pump for the time being. A few months back a few of us had attended the same wedding where it was insanely hot and made our pumps break. My pump luckily was still under warranty, but unfortunately for the other gal she was not. Medtronic gave her a loaner for 90 days and her insurance will get her a new one no problem, but she is taking the time to look into some of the newer pumps. We started discussing the T-Slim and the idea of using a Dexcom and sticking to the pen. We all agreed that we love the Dexcom and everything about it and both of us are waiting to get one.

Then we also discussed a drug called Similin. One of our fellow diabetics went on it recently and has done nothing, but tell us how it has changed her life. She has had better glycemic control as well as has had an easier time getting her weight down, since we all complain about the fact losing weight has been the hardest for all of us, unless we abuse our insulin a little (which is super unhealthy). I think I will be doing some research on this new drug and keep you all posted on my final thoughts on it.

As always we talk about our most recent doctors appointment and share our A1c with each other. That usually leads into talking about bad habits and a lecture from one of our brainiacs about why we shouldn’t do those bad habits. We also set goals for our next meeting and try to keep one another accountable for the time being. I seriously love having this group and am so happy we were able to get together last night.  


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