The Best Text Message Ever!

It's the random things in life that last a life time. In this case it was a random text message from mom. My mom went to a women’s seminar the other day and sent me the best text message ever. I grabbed my phone to read her text and literally laughed out loud. Her text message read “The key note speaker just pulled her insulin pump our from between her boobies! Got pictures”! Now, my mother has the best filter in the world while both of her daughters lack one completely, so when I read this I literally started to die.

Turns out the keynote speaker used her diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes as a lead into her topic for the day. My mom knew this would make my entire day and wanted to make sure I knew about it. She even found the speaker after the event was over and told her my story and all about my blog and how much I would love the fact that she just revealed her pump from her cleavage and then my mom proceeded to ask for a picture of her pulling her pump out again for me. The speaker laughed and instead of being completely freaked out, laughed and took the picture with my mom.

I love my mom, and how she knows that little things like that would make me the happiest. It was just a little text that perked up my entire day, as well as, the imagery of my mom going completely out of her comfort zone to ask someone an awkward question. She is fantastic; and loves and supports my craziness and I couldn’t ask for more. 


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